Myanmar Farmer operates according to the Proactive Business Model Offering Fair & Equitable Benefits. Main objectives are
  • To Maintain The Values of Farmers.
  • To Create Safe Food For Consumers.
  • To Be Able To Live And Work In The Natural Forest Forever.

Social Sustainability

The company uses a resource extraction system to sustain the community and the environment by cooperating with 60 farmers in the current year. In the past, farmers traditionally processed the harvested raw materials and sold their products at nearby markets. Now, Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain Co., Ltd. has partnered with organic tea farmers to set up processing plants in major tea plantations. Also, Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain provides hygienic and safe packaging systems to the all its associated plantations.

Farmers have been able to work together from agriculture to production by supporting yield improvement techniques/ GAPs. We have offered training courses to provide farmers with time management and projection management to strengthen management skills such as factory management.

In 2018, Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain Co., Ltd. ran agricultural training for farmers in Ywanga Township, and in 2019, we were able to obtain an Organic Certificate. Later, it was formed as an organic farmers' group. We are also focusing on improving the living standards of local farmers and giving employment opportunities for farmerette.

Economic Sustainability

At "Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain Co., Ltd.", we operate under a proactive business model offering fair & equitable benefits. Around 300 farmers are working on a total of 60-acres organic farms.

Every year, these organic farms produce 30 tons of dry tea and 20 tons of coffee. To generate high income throughout the year, we also cultivate organic tea in addition to organic coffee and organic ginger. Farmers can earn 25% more income from organic products than conventional products.

Funds have been set up to support farmers' livelihoods, for they can continue farming in the traditional way of the village.

Environmental Sustainability

In all our associated farms, organic farming methods are used to preserve the natural soil. We trained farmers for producing and applying natural fertilizers, and additionally, we grow shade seedlings in tea plantations at appropriate distances as the shade protects the soil in the field and shelters the cultivated area from direct sunlight.

Organic agriculture in the abundance of natural forests and rainfall produces highly marketable products.

We believe that our work preserving the environment will also help to maintain a mild climate for future generations.

"Taw Win Kanbawza Mountain Co., Ltd" will continue to work on organic farming as a long-term strategy to protect our environment and local communities.