Core Values

Myanmar Farmer is working with the mission to provide customers high valued service with the following core values in our mind.

Values of Farmers

Taw Win Kanbawza Mountains are cultivated in a fertile area of ​​Shan State. In the village, it is customary to grow tea and coffee in every household. Therefore, the livelihood of all the people in the village area. Food and shelter; Health Education All donations depend on farming. The Royal Kanbawza Mountains are intended to provide a fun way for farmers in the village to work with their families on a daily basis and to inherit for generations.


Biodiversity is so natural that it does not have to be done because of the traditional planting of trees in the village. Natural forest products are the sole property of the farmers and we want to preserve them. We want to make Myanmar organic products known to the world as valuable products.

Natural Forest Hill

To be able to live and work continuously on the natural forest hill, agriculture needs to be done to preserve the forest, mountain and wetland environment. Therefore, local people should be trained in agriculture. Provides equipment / technology to make more profitable agricultural products at affordable prices.

myanmar farmer
myanmar farmer

Our Products

Natural Ingredients Tea & Coffee Products

The name Taung Thu Gyi means Local Farmers in Burmese. All of our products are grown in rural areas of southern Shan State, Myanmar. This land produces almost the highest quality Mexican coffee beans in the world.

We have to conserve the forests and mountainous lands in this region. Besides, we try to develop agricultural technologies such as manufacturing technology (GAP / GMP / HACCP) and further support equipment. By helping to preserve this traditional agricultural tradition, local farmers will earn more jobs and income. On the other hand, Myanmar organic products will have the opportunity to penetrate domestic and foreign markets. Under the brand of 'Taung Thu Gyi,' we produce White Tea, Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea, Roasted Coffee, Ginger, and other products that are EU / USDA certified from Ye Chan Pyin Village, Ywanga Township. High-value natural products are produced in Ywanga village, for good weather and the abundance of forests. These products are also targeted at the UEBT project to preserve the traditions of local farmers.

Red Tea
Green Tea
Green Bean Coffee (Honey)
Organic Coffee (Orange)